I am thankful for my family, my husband and my amazing boys.They are what I do everything for.
I am thankful for my health, the food on the table and the warm clothes we have and the roof over our heads.I am thankful that I am able to provide these things. When I have days where the house is not cleaned, the dinner is not something fit for a foodie or the fashion seems to be lacking, I remember that I am lucky. I am blessed to have the messy toys on my floor. I am blessed to have a set dinner time with my family each night. I am blessed that when I am late for that dinner time, my three year old holds me accountable. I am blessed that I can afford to worry about clothes at all.
I am thankful that I have faith, love and hope in my life.When I look around me every day, I can see example after example of how it would be easy to be taken in by despair and helplessness. I know that I need to keep love in my life and remember that love, faith, and hope will carry me through. I often have to stop and think to myself that one day when I am no longer here, there is only one thing that I want people to really say about me. “She was a good mother, and person.” I try every day to aspire to this statement. In doing so, it sometimes becomes overwhelming until I remind myself that I do not have to perfect to be this person. I just have to love, have faith and keep hope for the future. Image
These are things that I will not take for granted.

The Bee

A small bee buzzing by on a lazy October day.

The autumn air whistling by where a jack o lantern lay.












He straightened his wings and and gave his tail a twitch,

making sure the candle was lighted in the night’s black pitch.Image


Why are titles so hard to figure out. I know what I teach to my students. I teach them to look for titles in their already written words. Look for characters I tell them, or important objects or even the setting. There are a million meaningful titles available to you if you only look.  The title is the first impression to the reader. Are you going to capture their attention with your title, you had better, or they will not even read the rest of your radiant words. There are so many perfect titles:

The Outsiders

Of Mice and Men

Romeo and Juliet

The Hunger Games

The Secret Life of Bees

These titles all say something important. They tell us some secret about what is contained in the pages and words. There is nothing more satisfying for me then finding that perfect title to go with something that I have written.  Titles are not something to be overlooked in the writing process. They are a bit like the icing on the cake of a delicious read!

Illustrative Qualities

I added some artwork to my header. I am still trying to figure out exactly how to work with a webpage, but I knew that something needed to be done! After talking with a gracious editor, Liz, she said that I most certainly needed to add illustrations to my page that would show a focus to my work. My focus I decided, was to be a children’s author primarily. I wanted to show a bit of whimsy. There is a song out there that I absolutely love and used it as my inspiration. The lyrics go as follows, “use your heart as a rudder, faith as a compass, and a blanket for a sail.”  I have always loved these lyrics and decided to use it as my sketch inspiration.

I have these lyrics to be a theme to begin to base my career as an author around. These lyrics help to keep my grounded when my plate seems full.

I find that music is truly a universal language that everyone can connect to. What does it take to really treat everyone as a human? The fundamental human traits are present in all of us. We are humans, a complex species that divides itself into arbitrary categories either by force or by choice. We can illustrate our basic love of life each day in the way that we talk to, interact with and react to our world.

A bit of a rambling here I admit, but I guess that is a bit what a blog is for. To keep a global journal and leave our mark of how we felt and what we encountered.

Words Are My Home

“The words you speak become your house.”

This is a quote I recently saw posted on facebook. I began to think about just how true that is. With every word that we speak, or even write, we are building a house of cards if you will. The words reflect just how sturdy the house will become. The more positive energy and kindness that is put in your words can build a stable house of relationships with the people in your life. This in turn really does create your home.


I often ask of my students the difference between a house and a home. They always get around to the point that a house is a physical structure while a home contains the emotions of love and safety. This quote certainly encompasses both ideas.


I like to think of this as I am figuring out ways to deal with my own children and life. There are plenty of not so pleasant moments that contain the typical whining, tantrums and crying (and not just from me)! I try though to use every moment as a teachable one. I am in no way perfect, and I have been told that I do not have to be perfect, or that I am perfect for everyone around me. I struggle like any other working mom on how to balance the different aspects of my life. However, when it comes down to it, if I really want to simplify and focus, then I think the quote above is the rule to go by.

Watch your words. They can be as swift and sharp of weapons as anything. Use them wisely and with care and build house, and your home with love and safety.

Finding Inspiration Everywhere

I am most blessed to have my beautiful boys in my life. It gets hectic and crazy, but their hugs are my day changing events. They say the most amazing things that give me my inspiration to write. My three old especially will say a random line such as “the trees are crying red leaves.” My current manuscript and my others that are in progress have all been inspired by my children. The ideas came out of something that they said from their imagination or from an interaction.

This then becomes the base line of a poem or a story idea. I have been learning not to take anything for granted and that every word and detail in my life is inspiration for my writing. Too often in life we speed through our day just surviving. However, there are small things that we must find, these tricksters of opportunity that are in every corner just waiting to be found. Pay attention to what happens to you today and you might find a new story to add to your work.


“Writing is both mask and unveiling.”

E.B. White