Finding Inspiration Everywhere

I am most blessed to have my beautiful boys in my life. It gets hectic and crazy, but their hugs are my day changing events. They say the most amazing things that give me my inspiration to write. My three old especially will say a random line such as “the trees are crying red leaves.” My current manuscript and my others that are in progress have all been inspired by my children. The ideas came out of something that they said from their imagination or from an interaction.

This then becomes the base line of a poem or a story idea. I have been learning not to take anything for granted and that every word and detail in my life is inspiration for my writing. Too often in life we speed through our day just surviving. However, there are small things that we must find, these tricksters of opportunity that are in every corner just waiting to be found. Pay attention to what happens to you today and you might find a new story to add to your work.


“Writing is both mask and unveiling.”

E.B. White


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