Words Are My Home

“The words you speak become your house.”

This is a quote I recently saw posted on facebook. I began to think about just how true that is. With every word that we speak, or even write, we are building a house of cards if you will. The words reflect just how sturdy the house will become. The more positive energy and kindness that is put in your words can build a stable house of relationships with the people in your life. This in turn really does create your home.


I often ask of my students the difference between a house and a home. They always get around to the point that a house is a physical structure while a home contains the emotions of love and safety. This quote certainly encompasses both ideas.


I like to think of this as I am figuring out ways to deal with my own children and life. There are plenty of not so pleasant moments that contain the typical whining, tantrums and crying (and not just from me)! I try though to use every moment as a teachable one. I am in no way perfect, and I have been told that I do not have to be perfect, or that I am perfect for everyone around me. I struggle like any other working mom on how to balance the different aspects of my life. However, when it comes down to it, if I really want to simplify and focus, then I think the quote above is the rule to go by.

Watch your words. They can be as swift and sharp of weapons as anything. Use them wisely and with care and build house, and your home with love and safety.


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