Questions are from Teachers Write:

Just a bit from my main character of my work in progress!

What do you look like?

I am 17 yrs old. Just old enough to have to be an adult, but not wanting to. I am medium height with red hair and brown eyes. I would say I am slender, others have called me thin. My father makes me keep my hair tied back under a bandana so that it won’t be as apparent to the rest.
• Describe your bedroom. Do you have your own room? Share?
It is pretty typical I guess. I have a bed and a closet with my school uniforms and some other random assortment of clothes. It looks similar to what everyone else wears. Muted colors only and certain items are allowed by age. So I have clothes in my closet that have been approved by the elders for teens.
I am an only child. My parents were allowed to have a baby, their application went through much quicker than others because of my father’s status. But after I was born their application was revoked for any more children.


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