Stream of Consciousness Exercise

There was something

in the sound

of the TV

that was comforting.

It blared in

her ears but

never got through.

Much like her

life it was

but it wasn’t

necessarily being heard.

Heard, heard, heard

the clock ticked

by and by

but seemed stuck.

The pendulum had

broken years ago.

She must get

that fixed she



The Oak Tree

There is something about four tall oak trees. They are standing in a row across a field. Nothing in front or behind except a dirt road. They stand so perfectly side by side that it seems as if someone had planted them there. There is perfect distance between them. There are perfect trunks that expand up into the exquisite branch and leaf formations. Their size makes me wonder when their growth first began. I wish I could read about the person who thought to come to this place and create this miracle for me to view many years later. I sit under them writing some thoughts and it crosses my mind: What if the Earth put them here and man is really not as in charge as we think we are?