Illustrative Qualities

I added some artwork to my header. I am still trying to figure out exactly how to work with a webpage, but I knew that something needed to be done! After talking with a gracious editor, Liz, she said that I most certainly needed to add illustrations to my page that would show a focus to my work. My focus I decided, was to be a children’s author primarily. I wanted to show a bit of whimsy. There is a song out there that I absolutely love and used it as my inspiration. The lyrics go as follows, “use your heart as a rudder, faith as a compass, and a blanket for a sail.”  I have always loved these lyrics and decided to use it as my sketch inspiration.

I have these lyrics to be a theme to begin to base my career as an author around. These lyrics help to keep my grounded when my plate seems full.

I find that music is truly a universal language that everyone can connect to. What does it take to really treat everyone as a human? The fundamental human traits are present in all of us. We are humans, a complex species that divides itself into arbitrary categories either by force or by choice. We can illustrate our basic love of life each day in the way that we talk to, interact with and react to our world.

A bit of a rambling here I admit, but I guess that is a bit what a blog is for. To keep a global journal and leave our mark of how we felt and what we encountered.